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Shareholder Structure

After implementation of the stock split, Sartorius AG’s issued capital comprises 37,440,000 ordinary shares and the same number of preference shares, each with a calculated par value of €1 per share. A good 50% of the ordinary shares are held by the Sartorius families and are under the management of an executor. Approximately 5% are held directly by members of the Sartorius families, and approximately 9% are owned as treasury shares by the corporation itself. According to the most recent information available, the U.S. company Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. holds around 34% of the ordinary shares. To our knowledge, the remaining approximately 2% of the ordinary shares are in free float.

Around 91% of the company's preference shares are in free float; roughly 9% are held as treasury shares by the corporation.




20170223_SAG_IR_FY 2016 Annual Report Shareholder Structure_de.JPG


Information on shareholdings and shares in free float pursuant to Sections 33 et seq. of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG). Reporting obligations refer only to voting shares and not to non-voting preference shares. For this reason, the shareholder structure disclosed for Sartorius preference shares does not contain any detailed information beyond the company’s treasury shares.