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Information on the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Sartorius AG
on March 28, 2019

Here you find information and the documents that are to be made available to shareholders concerning the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of Sartorius AG on March 28, 2019.

Please note that the English versions of these documents are for your convenience only. The original legally binding documents are available on the German website.

If you have any reason to assume that the documents provided on the website of Sartorius AG are incomplete, please contact us promptly at hauptversammlung@sartorius.com.

Countermotions or Election Proposals

Explanation according to § 124a, No. 2, of AktG

Total Number of Shares and Voting Rights at the Time of Convocation

Explanations Concerning the Shareholders' Rights

Notes on Attendance and Exercising Voting Rights