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Did You Know That Sartorius…

...is helping you right now to effectively protect yourself from dangerous viral diseases, such as seasonal influenza or the swine flu? The Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions Division is an important supplier for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It manufactures a wide range of special components that are used in the production of vaccines. These include sterilizing-grade filters, bioreactors and aseptic single-use bags and containers.

...together with its products is making life easier for diabetics and many other people suffering from chronic diseases? For the manufacture of insulin and other liquid medications, a large number of drug manufacturers use Sartorius specialty filters, especially for sterile filtration of liquid pharmaceuticals.

...indirectly plays a role in family planning? The Bioprocess Solutions Division manufactures specialty membranes used as test strips in pregnancy test kits available in pharmacies and drug stores. Based on a change in the color of a test strip, you can detect whether the pregnancy hormone hCG is present in urine.

...developed the world’s most accurate balance? This balance is so accurate that it can even weigh differences in the nanogram range – one nanogram is one billionth of a gram. Sartorius accomplished this engineering feat by working together with the high-caliber Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany on the design of this weighing instrument. This high-precision instrument enables scientists to determine by how much the one-kilogram weights used as national standards differ from the international kilogram prototype stored in a vault in Sèvres near Paris, France.

...has its own seismograph? Weighing technology specialists at Sartorius modified an analytical balance so that it registers all movements of the Earth’s crust. This device is an important tool in helping us to test high-resolution balances. If any interference occurs during a weighing instrument test, the seismographic measurements of this device enable us to tell immediately whether external effects caused such disturbances.

..helps to ensure that your coffee not only tastes good, but also has a long shelf life? The quality of roasted coffee decisively depends on its optimal moisture content. Only if it has the right moisture will your coffee beans or ground coffee stay fresh. Sartorius manufactures analyzers and meters that are used to accurately determine moisture content. So coffee manufacturers can check and optimize the quality of their products.