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Managers & Executives

Sartorius expects its employees to think outside the box, show initiative and be willing to take responsibility. To foster this climate, managers at Sartorius are obligated to create the basic conditions for their teams to perform at their best.

Shaping Change

As a partner of the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries, Sartorius is a global leader in the dynamic sectors of the future: staying abreast of evolving technologies and leading changes are part of our daily “bread and butter” business. So this is why we look for managers who will lead change, instead of just following it. Being open-minded to new ideas and approaches is among our most important values.

Leading Teams to Peak Performance

Sartorius operates at the forefront of science and technology. At our company, products take shape that didn’t even exist a few years back. Moreover, we place the highest requirements on our product quality. This is our mission that also serves as a guiding principle for our managers. It is their duty to lead their own unit to achieve top performance.

Growing Even Further with Us

We look for people with leadership personalities who think beyond department cubicles and country borders and who will actively join us in growing our business in international markets. To help you hone your skills for developing your personal career, you can choose the right program from the comprehensive offering of further training courses held at Sartorius College.

Sartorius Careers

"I work in a field that has always fascinated me – at the interface between research and product development." more

Dr. Mareva Guéneron, Director Project Management Office, R&D

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